Customer Persona Template

Customer Persona Template

A downloadable journey mapping tool from DC’s leading customer experience consultants

How Well Do You Know Your Customer Journey?

Create realistic representations of users or customers to better understand your diverse stakeholder needs with The Clearing’s Customer Persona template.

A customer persona is a research and data-driven customer description that helps businesses understand customers’ needs, goals, and behaviors.

The Clearing’s Persona Template includes:

• An easy-to-populate template that helps you consider key demographic information such as age, location, job title, and industry

Psychographic information such as goals, motivations, and frustrations

Professional Information such as your customer’s skills, preferred communication channels, and technology level

How Do Effective Personas Help?

Aid in uncovering universal needs and desires
Represent a major customer group
Express and focus on the major needs and expectations of your most important customer groups
Describe real people with backgrounds, goals, and values
Give a clear picture of the customer’s expectations

Why Develop Customer Personas?

Creating customer personas will help you and your organization:

Why Develop Customer Personas?

Creating personas will help you and your organization:

Understand your customers, needs, experiences, behaviors, goals, and pain points
Step outside of yourself and build empathy toward others
Recognize that different people have different roles, needs, and expectations within these roles
Approach and develop solutions based on REAL customer needs

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